About Us


Our Owner

Keith Lee Underkofler, proprietor, has been in the construction industry for more than two decades with a career that began in Bucks County.
“I have always had a great love and desire for building things from a very young age, my favorite childhood toys where my TONKA dump truck and cement mixer. I remember being very young and wanting to be a part of every project that I saw. My grandfather was a contractor as well and worked for people such as Frank Lloyd Wright when he was working in the area. Maybe I inherited my love for the industry from him, I don’t know, I only know I can’t live without it and am always thinking about it.”

“I spent many summers in my early years working as general labor for framing companies that were building new homes. I enjoyed the physical work out, learning the trade and the pace of the work. I went on over the years to develop diverse skill sets in all areas of construction and general contracting. I have apprenticed for carpenters, flooring installers, general and electrical contractors, commercial and residential. I am also well versed in, plumbing, drywall installation, roofing, siding and many other areas of construction.”

How it started

Keith Lee Underkofler officially opened KLU Electrical Contracting in 2003. He would serve Custom Home Builders, Commercial Developers and Private Customers. Throughout the success of KLU Electrical Construction Keith continued to develop his skills and began General Contracting in 2006. His first major project would be a complete renovation of his personal residence. A perfect testing ground for his skill sets, and at his own cost. The project, a 900 square foot ranch renovation, the renovated home would measure 2400 square feet. Keith and his family lived in the home during the construction, thus knowing firsthand what his customers experience during similar projects.
Keith continues to hold his electrical license in Lower Merion Township Pa and brings his knowledge and skills to Bethlehem and the Lehigh Valley. Focusing mainly on repairing residential electrical systems and light commercial, Keith will bring years of experience in troubleshooting and identifying problems to you. Identifying electrical problems correctly, repairing the issues and being able to repair any adjacent finishes that have also become damaged or compromised is what sets Keith apart from others. Keith is eager to utilize his skills to help you solve your toughest problems too.
Keith has assisted in the development and construction of hundreds of homes and offices in the Tri-County area and Jersey Shore over the past two decades. From multi-million dollar customs to small basement fixes, fire restoration jobs and storm damaged homes. Upper Bucks Building & Repair is eager to bring years of practical experience and knowledge to you and your project.
“ I surround myself with the best in every field and have a team assembled and waiting to come to you and start the latest project.”