Remodeling Contractors in Lehigh Valley are not very hard to come by! Just open up the yellow pages and you see hundreds of them listed there. So why would you choose this one over that one? That is a great question and we are so glad that you’ve asked! Service. That’s right, service. One word says it all. Uncompromised service no matter what the project is. Is it a big project or a small project? Is it in Coopersburg or is it in Trexlertown, or is it Downtown Allentown? When UBBR sets out to perform a service, no matter where the project is located, no matter what the size of the project is, we provide the same uncompromised service unlike any other remodeling contractor in the Lehigh Valley. Need a bathroom remodeled? Room painted, flooring installed, sheet rock patched or trim repaired? Great! Well do it for you and provide great service at the same time. Not sure what we mean by great service? At UBBR great service starts by returning our customers inquiries. We follow that up by scheduling appointments for project quotes and service calls. As we conduct our work we will keep you engaged and aware of the projects timing and or any changes that occur.

Remodeling Contractors in the Lehigh Valley that provide great service are hard to come by! Unless you know where to look. And look no further. Repairing exterior siding after a winter storm, replacing a gutter that has fallen off, improving drainage to the yard, installing a sump pump, changing a light bulb or replacing a door knob, all same great service! The wide array of options when looking for a contractor or handyman to perform work for you can leave you with paralysis. That is why it’s important to ask your contractor one simple question. Ask them why you should chose them. Not only will that be a surprise to them, it will immediately qualify them as someone who does, or does not understand their business. At UBBR we understand our business. Our business is serving our customers to the best of our ability. Providing uncompromised integrity no matter the size of a project or type of project. Our business is guiding customers through the process of decision making by educating them about different materials and installations and what to expect. Our business is listening to our customers’ needs and providing them with a product that will fit those needs. That is what we mean when we say we are remodeling contractors in the Lehigh Valley

Renovations,Whether it’s a major renovation in Coopersburg or minor upgrade in Allentown, We can modernize a room or restore it to its original charm. We offer full remodeling services, from gutting and demolition to the final coat of paint. Some popular upgrades are:

Exterior– Painting, window installation or repair, siding and stucco repairs & upgrades. Brick, stone, cement and masonry work. Retaining walls and walkways, porches and patios, design and build new or upgrade your existing exterior spaces. We also Install PVC trim boards such as KOA, Azek and Kleer as well as Fypon trim and mouldings.

Special Needs – We can design and renovate your space to allow for special needs and ADA compliance. We have done so throughout Bethlehem and the surrounding area.

Routine Maintenance– We help keep you home safe and in working order. We’ll replace your lights or electrical outlets or electrical service. Install new plumbing fixtures or fix a drain. Repair or replace cabinets, flooring, stucco, and siding, wood trim and just about every other part of your home that needs maintaining.

Weather Damage– We also provide weather-damage repairs. Exterior and interior, we will work with the insurance companies or public adjuster on the paperwork and completion specs.

Water Damage– Basement flooding and poor exterior drainage is common throughout Bethlehem and can be a serious problem. We will show you how the problems have developed and how we can fix them for good.

For more information on our services, please contact us today.